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Training is, first and foremost, a work of prayer.  As "temple warriors-in-training," everything we do is pursued mindfully through deep connection with God Almighty, ourselves, other people, and even nature.  Through the practices of meditative prayer (or prayerful meditation), we get to know God and ourselves.  By that, I mean, we get to experience our humanity, both individually and corporately, as it's known intimately and loved through and through by God.  In this connection with the Divine, this communion of wills, God invites us to live in to our belovedness and fundamental goodness as His children.  These inherent qualities are intended to leaven every aspect of our lives...from how we live, to how we move, to how we operate interdependently as valued members of the human family.

Below are prayers we share with you in the hopes of supporting you in your practice.


Holy Father...


In Your power, kill the devilish diseases within me; heal the wounds and injuries; dissolve and eliminate that which doesn't belong; and raise to life and recreate that which is dead or missing, but shouldn't be.


Holy Father...


May Your Spirit dwell in me richly. May He occupy and animate every cell in my body; course through every artery, capillary, and vein; inspire every thought and intention of my heart; and move for, in, and through me in whatever ways and to whatever extents He desires.


Holy Father…


I give You free reign. Do in me as You please, and grant me the wisdom and gumption to, in complete freedom and faithfulness, do what I must do myself and for myself responsibly and responsively as Your son [or daughter].


In the Name of Jesus, I ask and declare these things…



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