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To inspire life-mastery through martial arts practice, holistic discipline, and meditative prayer.


The end of fear.


For freedom's sake, I punish myself in training, drive fear from my heart, and empty myself out before God.  Like a rescue swimmer, I brave the deep so others may live.


Semper paratus...   ["Ever prepared..."]

Semper fidelis...   ["Ever faithful..."]

Semper volens...   ["Ever willing..."]

De oppresso liber...   ["To find and free the oppressed...(having been found and freed myself)"]

OOO-rah!   ["Godspeed!  God-willing!  Good hunting!"]


Mindfulness:  Being present with God, myself, other people, and even nature.  In truth, all I have is right now.  Neither yesterday nor tomorrow exist.  Yesterday is a memory; and tomorrow is even more ethereal than yesterday because nothing of tomorrow has yet entered my experience.  It "exists" only as a misty collection of plans, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  Again, all I have is right now; there really is nothing else. 

Humility:  Emptying myself of myself and of my attachments so I'm freed by God to let Him love me the way He wants.  At the core of my identity, I'm God's beloved son.  As His son, God knows and loves me so tenderly, so fiercely, and so completely that there's nothing I could ever do to separate myself from Him or His love for and interest in me.  Since the Scriptures read that God Himself is Love, and since God wishes to shower me with that love, it would seem then that God's greatest acts of love toward me are expressed through His giving Himself away to me over and over and over again.  At its essence, humility, then, is consenting to and receiving God's continuous offering of Himself to me.

Selflessness:  Emptying into others what God's given me.  God empties Himself into me so I can turn and empty what He's given me into those around me.  This is what it means to genuinely love another person.

Devotion/Whole-heartedness:  Surrendering completely to God, the happy life He's given me, the missions He's given me, and His on-going training of me.

Warriorship:  Living the life of a warrior.  In Jiin Senshi Do, the word "warrior," has multiple meanings.  A warrior is, first and foremost, a person characterized by a fundamental bravery and fearlessness in all arenas of life.  His (or her) bravery and fearlessness is derived largely from his settledness as God's child and from his desire to live in to his part in the Epic Story God's Authoring.  Secondly, a warrior is dedicated to awakening the Image of God within himself and within every other human being on the planet.  Thirdly, a warrior is a person committed to deescalating aggression (in himself and others).  And, lastly, a warrior is one who uses his martial knowledge for life-preservation and self-defense, and never for attack.  Paradoxically, the way of a warrior is to bring about and enjoy peace even in the midst of increasingly hostile conditions.

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