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In Japanese:                                Jiin Senshi Do

Pronunciation:                            (jee-een) (sen-shee) (doh)

English Word Meanings:          (temple) (warrior) (way of life, way of being)

English Translation:                   The Way of the Temple Warrior



Jiin Senshi Do draws mainly from Western Boxing, Muay Thai, American Freestyle Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Systema, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Gymnastics, Functional Movement Training (Physical Therapy and Quadrupedal Movement), Christian Monasticism, Mindfulness Practice, the Japanese Samurai, the Jedi of Star Wars, the Boy Scouts of America, and the U.S. Military.




When I look at nature (including humanity), it's the generalists (and not necessarily the specialists) that seem to come out on top.  The coywolf, the frog, and the U.S. Navy SEAL are near perfect examples of this hypothesis.

Strive to become a generalist by developing skills in multiple arts and disciplines.  Don't concern yourself with the illusiveness of mastery; over time, and with devoted practice, mastery will manifest itself.  The Jiin Senshi, "The Temple Warriors," focus instead on learning how to move healthily and meditatively and to do so in many different ways and forms.  Once general health in movement is achieved, they strive then to move in such ways as often as possible.  The Jiin Senshi have discovered a secret:  Moving well; moving often; and moving in a way empty of self-consciousness is the secret to longevity, happiness, life-long health, functional well-being, and, ultimately, body-mind mastery.

Becoming a Jiin Senshi takes a lifetime of devoted practice under the careful observation, guidance, and unaggressive training of God's Spirit and a host of earthly teachers.  If we'll let them, everyone and everything can create a point of organic evolution within us.  Hence, the existence of one of our most favorite slogans:  Everything and everyone is my teacher.



In Jiin Senshi Do, we devote ourselves to training in three arenas:

  1. Martial Arts Practice

  2. Holistic Discipline

  3. Meditative Prayer

For comprehensive and specific training guidance in these three areans, click on the above elements in the RESOURCES drop down menu.



The aim of the Jiin Senshi Do practitioner (or Jiin Senshika) is to experience a transformation of being.  Less abstractly, it is to experience ever-increasing selflessness in his (or her) life.  Such selflessness is seen in his immersion in The Training Trinity; his unique pursuit of Divine Union with God Almighty; his integration of mind and body; and his ever-increasing willingness to empty himself into others that they, too, might experience the recovery (or awakening) of God's Image within them.  This is the essence of Jiin Senshi Do.  Without it, it becomes insubstantial, much like, as Proverbs 25:14 (TLB) reads, "a cloud blowing over a desert without dropping any rain."

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