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Taking a Team Approach to Training

There's nothing like training with a small team of like-minded people. While training individually will do you wonders, training with a team of similarly motivated people will enable you to accomplish things you never dreamed possible. It's what I like to call "Team Legacy."

Team legacy is created when you, as a part of a team, "put-out" not just for yourself but for your team. As you put-out, you inspire your teammates to put-out; and as they put-out, they inspire you to do the same. Through such team-inspired synergy, each person as well as the entire team pushes each member to train at his (or her) limits. This is what enables each of you to extend your personal limits and experience lasting transformation.

In your training, create a team. Look for like-minded and similarly motivated people who will inspire you to become more than you are today. Train together, put-out for them, and be inspired as they do the same for you.


IKIGAI Weekly Blog Schedule (per The Training Trinity):

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