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Slaying the Dragon

In martial arts we train for several things. Among them, to be able to come to our or another's defense. The techniques we train in are for defense, not attack. Any time we venture past defense, we tread a treacherous path.

Yes, there are times when the dragon must be slayed. But even in such circumstances, we must take great care not just in our preparations for battle but during our recovery from it. The nature of warfare dictates that, at times, to slay the dragon, we must become a dragon. The danger is not so much in taking on the dragon persona to help us in our fight; the danger is found in, once we've completed our mission, not shedding "The Dragon" archetype. The Dragon energy can be a precious ally in battle, but it's a terrible friend and a horrible master. The Dragon can be very seductive; it takes tremendous internal fortitude to resist its alluring influences. If you don't drop the persona intentionally (and immediately), you'll eventually become just another dragon someone else will have to deal with (read, "slay") someday.

So...go slay your dragons, but don't become one in the process.

God's peace, dear friends...


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