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Journeys and Destinations

"Life's a journey, not a destination."

I, respectfully, disagree.

Yes, life's a journey. No question. It's comprised of thousands (if not tens of thousands) of journeys that unfold throughout one's life. Perhaps that's why I prefer the phrase "the journeys of life" over "the journey of life."

But life's also a destination—or, more accurately, a collection of destinations.

Is not life, at least in part, about arriving somewhere? Somewhere definitive?

To journey otherwise is to wander aimlessly and without purpose—at least a purpose that transcends the baser compulsions to find food and water, create shelter, or achieve protection from harm. Without a transcendent goal or aim, the drive to discover why we exist at this time and in this place becomes like a sail with no wind: lifeless, flaccid, inanimate.

Without a destination, enjoyment of anything is not just fleeting but of no lasting value or consequence. Without a destination, mistakes don't matter. In fact, NOTHING matters—ultimately. Love becomes not just irrelevant, but non-existent. And whether you continue to breathe in or out or not doesn't really matter either, for of what lasting effect will such behaviors create? Not much more than, say, the potential for exhaling that inhaling creates. With a destination, enjoyment becomes enthusiasm, which is the seedbed of happiness and significance; mistakes become the tools of divine guidance and the stepping stones to life mastery; the feelings and expressions of love become the pinnacles of human experience; and the simple act of breathing in and out provides a physical means to keep oneself grounded in the here and now of the present and yet mindful of the future.

"And where are you going, Piglet?"asked a willy, nilly, silly old bear one blustery day. Yes, he may indeed have been a bear of very little brain, but even he recognized the value of destination.

And where are you going, dear friend?

Don't think, FEEL…

...and let the gentle Whispers of God's Heart speak into your soul the things you've longed to hear your entire life.

Peace to you...


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