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Why Everyone Should Train

Provided below are a few reasons why I recommend everyone pursue at least some form of formal (and on-going) self-defense and life-preservation training.


The information, statistics, interpretations, correlations, and conclusions presented below are for the United States only and are drawn principally from data compiled by the FBI in consultation with the CDC and local law enforcement agencies across the nation.


Based on "reported" sexual assaults, it is estimated that 1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime (see Note 1).

It is estimated that 97% of all rapists are still at large. Yes, you read that right: only 3% of rapists are caught and put behind bars.

Women have twice the likelihood of being sexually assaulted over contracting breast cancer. That number is closer to four times the likelihood if you include unreported incidents of sexual assault.

In 2006, for every 100 violent crimes committed in the US, 1.4 were murders, 7.7 were sexual assaults, 26.6 were robberies (not burglaries [yes, there's a difference]), and 64.3 were aggravated assaults.

Each person carries with him or her the following chances of experiencing a violent crime at some point in his or her lifetime:

  • Aggravated Assault: 83%.

  • Robbery (which involves violence or the threat of violence): 34%.

  • Rape (for a woman): 20% (40% when unreported incidents are included).

  • Murder: (shockingly) almost 1% (see Note 2).

In essence (and sadly), everyone should expect to deal with a violent encounter at least once in his or her life.

Regarding murder, of the 12,996 murders committed in the US in 2010, the weapons used to perpetrate those murders were as follows:

  • Rifles: 2.8%.

  • Handguns: 46.2%.

  • Shotguns: 2.9%.

  • Unknown/unidentified Guns: 15.7%

Projectile Weapons Total: 67.6% (see Note 3).

  • Knives/Blades: 13.1%.

  • Other (bat, stick, tire iron, heavy object, vehicle, etc.): 13.6%.

Contact Weapons Total: 26.7%.

  • Hands/Feet: 5.7%.

The above stats are sobering. While they are, of course, only statistics, and while their projections are just that (projections), they do provide a barometer of sorts. In view of the above, it would seem learning to watch out for and handle oneself, where violence is concerned, is something everyone should pursue.

God bless you as you think through these things.


1. It has been estimated that only 54% of all sexual assaults are reported. This sad reality means that, if you're a woman, your actual chances are more like 1 in 2.5 that you will be sexually assaulted at some point in your lifetime.

2. The chance of anyone person being murdered in the US during any given year is about 1 in 6,000. Given average lifespan rates (e.g., 60-80-years), the chance of any one person being murdered during his or her life time is increased to about 1 in 100.

3. These are actuals, and they are not provided to defend or ridicule any particular political view on gun control.


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