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Breaking the Rules of Stupid

At the outset, please forgive me for the crassness of my vocabulary. "Stupid" just works better than "intelligent behavior challenged."

Okay, so here are The Rules of Stupid, which is an expansion of John Farnum's thoughts:

Don't go (1) to stupid places, (2) at stupid times, (3) with stupid people (or where stupid people are).

Simple enough.

Need a little explanation? Okay, here goes...

Example of a Stupid Place: Circle K or 7-11. (Ummm, if you're hungry, don't go to a Circle K or a 7-11. Neither store carries any real food. If you're hungry, go to Whole Foods.)

Example of a Stupid Time: 2am. (Ummm, if it's 2am, you should be in bed. If you're not in bed, may I suggest you rethink your life? BTW...Whole Foods closes at 10pm.)

Example of a Stupid Person: the guy milling around (with nothing to do and no where to go) outside a Circle K at 2am in the morning. (Ummm, creepy guys are creepy for a reason: THEY'RE CREEPY. If you see one, don't pass Go, don't collect $200, just go home immediately. You'll thank me in the morning...or, at least, whenever you get up tomorrow).

Break one of the above rules, and you may be okay. Break two, and you may have a problem. Break all three, and you may be carted away in an ambulance.

Unfortunately, that's the world we live in.

Principle 11(a) of The Twelve Principles of Temple Martial Arts Training reads as follows: "Winning (or submitting/tapping/destroying your assailant) is not the aim; not being there is." The best way to honor this principle is to obey The Rules of Stupid:

Don't go (1) to stupid places, (2) at stupid times, (3) with stupid people (or where stupid people are).

I'll leave you with a favorite slogan of mine: I can behave less stupidly than I am.

Peace and safety to you...


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