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On-time is Five-minutes Late

I often tell myself, "I may not be the fastest, the strongest, or the smartest, but I can be the most respectful."

These are many ways to be respectful. One of them is by being on-time. I learned this from my Dad, who's never late. I'm not sure where he learned the value of being on time. Most likely, it was from his time in the military.

The military have a particular interest in punctuality. Much of what they do, because it involves the coordination of multiple moving parts (machinery, weaponry, and manpower), is time-sensitive. The US Navy SEALs have a motto, which I've adopted into my own lexicon, that reads as follows: "On-time is five-minutes late." If you're on time (like, say, if a meeting is scheduled to start at 2pm, and you show-up at 2pm), you're actually five-minutes late. That's how that saying plays itself out.

If you struggle with habitual lateness, may I suggest adding this motto to your own approach to life? Living by it will demonstrate great respect to those around you (including yourself).

God's peace...


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