The Prayers of Incense

Lord Jesus Christ…

I bring before you my dear friend and sister, [name]. May she know that You love her (see 1), and may she experience the power and meaning of Your resurrection in her life.

Lord Jesus Christ…

May she experience You. May she be freed from suffering and the sources of suffering. May she experience peace and You, the Source of Peace. May she experience happiness and You, the Source of Happiness. May she experience wholeness and You, the Source of Wholeness. ay she experience balance and order and You, the Source of Balance and Order. May she experience You. Use her, Lord, to alleviate suffering and the sources of suffering.

Lord Jesus Christ…

May Your peace reign in her heart and in her home and in her many places of work, play, and learning—Lord, may it be with herwherever she goes (see 2). May she be rooted and grounded in You (see 3), may she be filled to overflowing with Your Spirit (see 4), and may Your restorative, life-giving energy course through her veins and occupy and animate every cell in her body. May her mind be clear (see 5), may her personhood be ordered, and may her relationships be as You would have them to be: inspired by and grounded in You, and guided by Your love and Your truth. My her words be life-giving to those around her and to all those within the realm of her influence and existence, may her strengths and vulnerabilities be yielded to You completely, and may her work be wonderfully fruitful to Your kingdom. May her spirit be well-oiled with the oils of Your gladness (see 6), and may her body be protected from all harm and disease.

Lord Jesus Christ...

May she be and feel wealthy of soul, today; and may she be happy, healthy, and wholly set apart for Your good pleasure, plans, and purposes.

Lord Jesus Christ…

May Your will be done in and through her, just as it’' already being done in heaven (see 7). Oh, that shemight know and understand You, and that she might know and understand herself. God, grant her the serenity to accept the things she cannot change, the courage to change the things she can, and the wisdom to know the difference (see 8). Oh, that You would wonderfully bless her, that You would help her with her work and expand herterritory, that You would be with her in all that she does, and that You would keep her from evil and disaster, that she might not cause pain (see 9).

Lord Jesus Christ…

Place a hedge of thorns around her heart, soul, mind, and body. Please protect her from the attacks and assaults of her enemies. Rise up, O Jesus, and defend her. Come quickly to her aid, and rescue her from the fowler’' snare; for Thou Art her refuge and ever present help in times of difficulty and trouble (see 10).


I offer You these prayers in Your Name. May they burn timelessly before You…like incense (see 11).

[A Note of Light Instruction: Prayer requires nearly complete physical, emotional, and spiritual integration. With extended practice and intention, this integratedness can occur even as you're doing other things. A suggested manner in which The Prayers of Incense ("The Prayers") above can be offered is this: allow the image of a loved one (or, perhaps, a perfect stranger or even a community or an entire nation of people) to enter your mind's eye; and allow that eye to focus in on that one (or those ones) intently, tenderly, and caressingly—much the way a new mother might gaze upon a newborn. As you begin to speak forth the words of The Prayers, picture the Lord Jesus Christ inviting and awaiting eagerly the expressions of your love, and allow the words to emanate from your heart—similar to the way in which the aroma of incense moves upward and outward from its source. The intention here is to create an extended time of nearly constant (and conscious [this is not babbling]) repetition of the entire intercessory string. Through this practice, our prayers can begin to burn unceasingly, creating a heavenly permeation of our heart's aroma...our intercessor's heart-song of loving-kindness, joy, compassion, and equanimity.]


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