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Looking Poisonous

In nature, predators steer clear of poisonous creatures and plants. Through experience, they learn what they can and can't eat. In the area of life-preservation (or self-protection), similar things apply. Predator-humans will steer clear of anyone they think might be poisonous (i.e., those who might hurt them, cause them pain, cause them to get caught, etc.) . Provided below are some strategies to help you look, feel, and become increasingly more poisonous to those who might wish to cause you harm:

  1. Train in some combination of life-preservation (or self-protection), self-defense, and combat sports. If you own a firearm, shoot, and do so often; but also train in hand-to-hand positioning and combative techniques. If you train in the martial arts, but don't own a fire arm, add fire arm training to you practice. Obtain a permit, purchase a fire arm, dry fire at home at least once a week, and shoot at a range at least once a month.

  2. Maintain an air of confidence and readiness.

  3. Walk with purpose; take large strides.

  4. Hold your head and shoulders high.

  5. Keep yourself well-groomed.

  6. Present a posture of no fear.

  7. Carry pepper gel or pepper spray with you. Walking with pepper gel in your hand can (especially if you, like me, click the little cap repeatedly) create an effect similar to that of a rattler's tail. Want the bad guys to stay away? Rattle your tail a little; hopefully, they'll get the message.

  8. Obtain your concealed-carry permit, and carry a fire arm with you.

  9. Look people in the eye, and greet them properly (with openness, confidence, and kindness).

  10. Project the following thoughts to those you encounter throughout the day: "Don't mess with me. If you do...yes, you may get some of what you want; but I guarantee, you'll leave here in an ambulance."

God's peace...


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