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My Prayerful Invocation

Provided below is another element in my personal breviary (see Note 1).


In this moment, I invoke the four energies available to me. I invoke...

The Tender-hearted Warrior—You, Jesus.

The Sensuous Lover—You, Jesus.

The Magician/Sage—You, Jesus.

And the Beneficent King—You, Jesus.

May I, in my spiritual core, be submitted to Your Lordship and to the energies You've given me to help me in my life; may all four energies, in their integrated fullness, be appropriated in my life to the fullest extent possible; may I be a good steward of all that You've given me; and may my life be a benefit to all those within the realm of my influence and existence.


When confronted with my visional field deadly snakes, if it is my destiny to cross, enable me to venture forth with courage, honor, openness, and humility. May the night lights guide each step I take, and, as I'm bitten in the crossing, may I absorb that which each snake has to offer me. Enable me to transmute the poison into that which gives life.


1. I wrote My Prayerful Invocation in response to a dream I had more than a decade ago and following about a six-month immersion in Jungian archetypes.


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