The Writer's Life, Part I

I want to preface this post with the following small disclaimer: I'm a writer. Irrespective of whether what I write is good or bad (or somewhere in between), I'm a writer because I write—and for no other reason.

"Being" anything is all about just being what you're doing and who you are in the doing. When such is the case, the labels of good and bad (in terms of the perceived quality of your writing) become irrelevant. Again, I'm a writer simply because I write. Similarly, if you write, you're a writer, too. As a correlative, I also write because I'm a writer. Can you see the snowballing effect of committing to an action? In the act of doing, I become a doer of the doing; conversely, because I'm a doer, I do.

Writing (and a little of my process)...

For me, writing involves three essential elements:

  1. Loving and, to a lesser extent, knowing my subject matter.

  2. Being me in my writing by letting who I am come out in the words I use and how I string them together.

  3. Committing to the notion that writing is all about the act itself; and that the process of writing is one of almost continual writing, rewriting, revisioning, discarding of current drafts, retrieving previous drafts, and then working into the wee hours of the night only to finally "abandon" what I've been working on to a specific audience—be it a magazine editor, my 11th Grade English Teacher, the trash bin (see Note 1), or a dear friend or family member.

If any one of the above three elements are absent, my writing will be deficient. Without love and knowledge, it will lack passion and truth. Without me, it will be hollow and disingenuous. Without hard work, it will be nothing more than a rough draft. All three elements are essential to writing completeness.

There you go. Just an introduction of sorts, hence my use of "Part I" in the post title. I'll write more about this subject in the future.

Have a fabulous day!


PS...In writing this post, I've practiced a little of what I wrote above: I've written a little about something I love; I've emptied myself into it; I've revised it slightly (several times now); and, in this moment, I've abandoned it to the cyber-stratosphere of this blog site. Quite honestly, I'm just hoping it will be a benefit to those of you writers out there—even if what I wrote doesn't look as good to me tomorrow as it does right now. Peace...


1. Actually, I don't really trash any of my writing; I store my "discarded" works in a file for safekeeping. Who knows, one day I might be able to repackage what I once discarded and create something illuminating. At least, that's my hope!


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