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My Asking Prayers

Holy Father...

Many years ago, You instructed me to ask You for things. In obedience to You, I ask You for the following:

  1. Divine union with You.

  2. Holiness, humility, and purity of heart.

  3. Wisdom, that is knowing and doing right, and common sense.

  4. Loving and healthy relationships.

  5. The gifts of faith, healing, the working of miracles, prophesy (which includes dreams and visions), the discerning of spirits, words of knowledge, and words of wisdom.

  6. Internal peace, harmony, and happiness.

  7. Perfect health and vibrant, explosive energy.

  8. Lazer-like focus.

  9. Unbreakable tenacity.

  10. Playfulness.

  11. Adaptability.

  12. Creativity and inventiveness.

  13. An observing eye that sees and a listening ear that hears.

  14. Peaceful nights, restful sleep, and illuminating dreams.

  15. In movement, effortless fluidity and cat-like reflexes.

  16. A long (at least 120 years long) and satisfying life and a peaceful death.

  17. The complete absence of unhealthy fear.

  18. Multiplied love, to work, to rest (including naps), to play, to explore, to create, to pray, to train, to take care of myself, to spend with family and friends, and to empty myself into those around me.

  19. Multiplied pursue relentlessly my three-fold dream of writing, training, and training with others over the remainder of my life.

  20. Redemptive community.

  21. A vision of hope.


IKIGAI Weekly Blog Schedule (per The Training Trinity):

Mondays: Meditative Prayer

Wednesdays: Holistic Discipline

Fridays: Martial Arts Practice


The Life You Were Born to Live

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