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A Father's Love Letter Many years ago (I was still in college at the time, so that means is was at least about 30 years ago), my Dad gave me a written copy of the letter read in the above link. I still have what he gave me. If you get a chance, today, open the link above and give it a watch. I think the piece is just fabulous. In this post, I wish to offer my grateful expressions to my Father for my Dad. While my Dad is not a perfect man, he's striven my whole life to love me as my Heavenly Father loves me, and I'm so very grateful for that. In my Dad, I've seen the very Heart of my Father, and it's made a huge difference, perhaps all the difference, in my life. On this Day, I wish to express my sincerest gratefulness to my Heavenly Father, my Abba Daddy, for the love He's shown me over the course of my short life. I love you, Father. Thank you for sending Jesus so You and I could be friends eternally. And thank You also, for giving me my Dad and for placing Your Heart within him. And to my earthly Dad...

Thank you, Dad, for all you are in life and for all you've been to me personally. I am and have been so very glad to have you as my Dad, and I'm so glad we both know Jesus. May God's richest blessings be emptied out upon you in such abundance on this day...and all days henceforth. I will love you always.


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