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Holiness, Humility, and Purity of Heart

Years ago, I awoke one morning praying the following prayer (see Note 1):

Father...I want to walk before You in HOLINESS, HUMILITY, and PURITY OF HEART all the days of my life.

Since then, I've prayed that prayer many times each day. Just below my desire for divine intimacy with God, the elements in this prayer top my list of life-desires. I can never have too much holiness, too much humility, or too much purity of heart. Provided below, is a brief explanation of each quality as I attempt to pursue it faithfully in my own life:

Holiness (the essence [see Note 2] of my faith): my divine belief in God and in the truths of His Self-revelation, and my divine surrender to the set-apartness to which He's called me (see Lev 20:26 and 1Pe 1:16).

Humility (the essence of my hope): my divine recognition of my need to receive from God that which only God can give (His Presence, Love, and Divine Assistance), and my divine expectation that He will tabernacle with me at the points of my deepest needs, dreams, and desires as I, like Jesus, empty myself out at His Feet (see Jn 4:32 and Php 2:5-8).

Purity of Heart (the essence of my love): my divine ability to let God Love me the way He wants and to respond by loving Him back, loving myself (with the Love He has for me), and loving my neighbors with that very same love (see Mt 22:37-40).


  1. Actually, I was given this prayer in a dream and woke up praying it.

  2. Essence: the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.


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