Hiding in Plain Sight, Part I

If disaster strikes (be it man-made or natural), to protect yourself and your family, you may need to hide the resources you have as well as the life-skills you've developed. This is where the concept of becoming a "gray man (or woman)" may be of help to you.

To become a "gray man" is to disappear into the crowd so as to move about unnoticed during times of societal unrest. The idea here is that, by becoming a gray man, you hide your preparedness by blending in with those around you.

"Blending with the crowd," though, can fly in the face of our innate desires to stand out...to be unique...to be one of a kind...to be someone of note...to be a person of consequence. All of us, at least to a degree, carry such aspirations within us. We want to wear red while everyone else is wearing tan (Yes, I borrowed that from the opening theme to The Nanny.).

But when the sham hits the fit, and everyone's scrambling for resources (like food, water, weapons, shelter, etc.), if we have such things (or the skills to acquire them), and others know about it, we could find ourselves quickly overrun (or even hurt or killed) by those very same people. There's an old saying I remind myself of often: The most dangerous creature on earth is the desperate human being.

So, then, how do you become a "gray man" during such times?

  1. Don't draw attention to yourself with your clothing or demeanor or, even, with the way you walk, talk, or carry yourself. Be forgettable. Be, as I've heard some say, like George Costanza of Seinfeld: totally (and hopelessly) average, bland, forgettable, of no consequence.

  2. Blend with the crowd, and appear to be among the unprepared. This will make you less of target to those who might try to take advantage of you or steel your gear or take your food by force. Sharing your resources with the community of those you love and care about is one thing; being robbed and beaten down by a mob of desperate, irrational people...well, that's something totally different.

Okay, that's it for now. With that introduction, we'll look more at this subject next week.



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