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You Are... (A JSD Blessing)

Dear friend...

You are fierce, you are powerful, you are strong. You are a force to be reckoned with.

Remember this: you are at your strongest when you're lifting the spirits of another.

Remember, too: you are far more beautiful, intelligent, and resourceful than you think you are.

Far more so.

It's never too late to become the person God created you to be, the warrior of goodness Jesus died for you to become: an awakened soul, dedicated to helping those around you to awaken. Most people, unfortunately, are asleep...just as you once were. Lazily wandering through life, they're driven by one craving after another, from one crisis to another. Death isn't what's sad, O friend. What's sad is that so very few people ever really live. Be used of God to help those you love awaken to the gift that is life abundant.

And awaken, too, to the precious gift they are to the lives of those around them.

Inside you, inside me, inside each of us, there's a seed of greatness just waiting to sprout. God put it there. Let it be watered in sadness, cultivated in adversity, and drawn forth in Loving-kindness by the One who not only loves you completely, but sees and knows you through and through.

Don't give up what you love; rather, find the love in what you do. Remember, too, it's the journeys, the great enthusiasms discovered in each moment, and not so much the destinations, that create genuine happiness.

In life, you'll never be better than anyone else. In the same way, you'll never be less.

In all things, and at all times, be happy; don't be afraid to let others see you laugh or cry, or to let them feel the weight of who you are. May your light (tiny as it may be) be a guide, and may your roof become a floor for others.

Push beyond fear, O dear one, and just be you; go forth, and just be awesome...


IKIGAI Weekly Blog Schedule (per The Training Trinity):

Mondays: Meditative Prayer

Wednesdays: Holistic Discipline

Fridays: Martial Arts Practice​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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