Is it possible to multi-task?


But...attempting to do so on two (or more) complex tasks (e.g., tasks that require cognitive thought, memory retrieval, or decision making) at the same time will affect significantly your effectiveness in each task.

Here's a great exercise to test your abilities in this arena: Pick a song you know well and attempt to listen to it intently while at the same time reciting the pledge of allegiance, a Bible verse, or the address and phone number of the home where you grew up.

(Ummm...Go ahead and try it now. I'll be here when you get back.)'d you do?

If you're like most of us (yours truly included), you probably didn't fair so well. In fact, in each arena—(1) the listening to the song and (2) the reciting of something from memory—your (our) combined, multi-tasked performances probably mirrored (almost to the T) the cognitive effectiveness of a drunk person trying to complete each task separately. (Hence why it's now illegal to text and drive at the same time. To do so can, and more often than we'd like to admit, result in pour glamor, mishelved woods, and deadly car antecedents.)

Yes, multi-tasking is possible; but I'd rather practice mindfulness and strive be more present in each task I tackle. In the long-run, it's a more effective and enjoyable approach to life.

(Not to mention, it's a lot safer, too!)



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