Combat Training for Women

I train fighters..., women, and children.

To survive an attack, you must learn to deal with the fears and acclimate to the adrenalin dump that happens just prior to, during, and after a violent encounter. You must learn, too, how to unleash the survivor and inner-animal within you, and how to refine your techniques so they become effective extensions of that inner fierceness.

That's what I help people—men, women, and children—to do.

Many trainers offer specific, targeted combat training for women. I do, too, and I make no bones about it.

In a way, though, I pull a bit of a fast one on folks. Yes, the training I offer women is geared toward women; but, interestingly, it's the very same training I offer men.

The very same training.

Sure, there may be slight differences, but those differences have a lot more to do with the general interest of the trainees than anything else. Men, generally speaking, tend to like combat sports more than women do. To accommodate that, I couch many of the concepts and techniques I teach them within the context of a combat sport arena. In addition, men (more so when they're younger) tend to deal a lot more with ego contests (the monkey dance, etc.) than women do. Conversely, women deal more with predators than men do. The truth is, though, the techniques I work on with women are exactly the same techniques I work on with men. Violence is violence; fighting is fighting. Both are equal opportunity arenas.

It's interesting to note that, in many ways, women can (and often do) become better technical fighters than men. Men tend to rely on brute force; women can't and, of necessity, tend to be more adept at learning to inflict maximal damage to weak points on the human anatomy. In addition, the humility women bring to the combat training table is an asset many of them have probably never thought about or considered (at least, previous to reading this post [or training with me]). Hopefully, a few perspectives are being swayed in this very moment!

To you women...

While it's good to attend a women's self-defense seminar (or two, or three, etc.), don't limit your training to just that. If you really want to improve and learn to handle yourself more competently (which is the engine of self-protection and through-the-roof confidence), train with and alongside men. And, yes, that includes sparring.

To you men...

In your training, you could learn a lot from women. As I wrote above, you tend to rely far too much on your own brute strength and grit. Want to improve as a technician? Train like a woman: study intently the weak areas of the human body, and learn the best ways to attack such areas strategically and decisively. You'll marvel at your improvement. just may save your life some day.

CU on the mat!



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