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How Can I Grow in My Faith?

Q: What's something I can do to bolster my faith in God?

A: Listen intelligently to Him.

Not to be overly simplistic, but if faith grows through listening intelligently (see 1) to God's Word (see Rom 10:17), it would seem that meditating intentionally on His Word for extended periods of time is crucial to growing in one's faith. Practices like Scripture memorization and the repeated recitation of such memorized Scriptures is a great place to start. Quality is the key, here, not necessarily quantity. Well, actually, devoting a great deal of time (quantity) to a small number of Scriptures will create quality. Another Scripture meditation practice I've found to be extremely beneficial is Lectio Divina. In a future post, I'll write a little on this ancient, Benedictine practice.

Have a happy Labor Day!

May God's Peace rule your heart...



  1. To listen intelligently means to listen with the desire to obey what you read/hear.


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