Persistance in Prayer

Desire—godly, inspired desire—is the key to persistence in prayer. The fuel for such desire is love, and the breeze that fans the flame is vision: the imagined future, yet to be brought to solid form, that you and God "see" in the lives of those precious ones for whom you're praying. When such desire is present, the ability to persevere becomes nearly limitless. That's how a grandma can pray joyfully, day-in and day-out, for thirty-five years until all her grandchildren have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. My Grandma Ford was like that, and what a legacy of prayer she left me and my family.

Perseverance shows you and God (as well as those for whom you're praying) the full extent of your God-like love for them. This is nothing but the jealousy of God finding expression through you. Did you know God craves to give Himself away to you and everyone around you? Jesus wants to be THE ONE in their lives. To want this for others is to be a conduit of God's jealous Love toward them.

Is there anyone in your life you pray for like that? I hope so. If not, will you pick one person today and begin pray for that one with such jealousy? There are several people in my life for whom I pray in that manner. And I'm exceedingly jealous for all of them to experience nothing less than divine union with God Almighty.

Seek God, and go to war on behalf of those you love. May they, in Jesus' Name, become a people whose cups overflow with the very Presence of God (see Note 1).


1. See Psa 23:5.


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