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Recently, I was asked the following question: Why do many martial artists discount boxing or, even worse, label it a "bad" or "ineffective" martial art?

I thought it to be a fair question.

Provided below, is the answer I gave:

As someone who's trained in the martial arts for over forty years, and as one who's benefitted greatly from significant training in western boxing, my answer to both parts of the questions is "ignorance." Maybe not active ignorance, but ignorance all the same. Those very same people may view wrestling similarly. Maybe if we gave boxing and wrestling oriental names, some would give those arts more legitimacy. Personally, I love boxing and wrestling. For me, they provide a fabulous framework for developing as a fighter. When I trained and fought in amateur MMA, my boxing and wrestling skills were indispensable Even today, almost fifteen years later, I can't imagine not having (or training in) such skills.

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