The Pace of Your Training

In Jiin Senshi Do (JSD), the pace of training is really intended to be self- and God-directed. While guidance in the beginning may be particularly direct, the intention (at least within a fairly short time) is for the Jiin Senshika (or student of JSD) to set, with God's guidance, the pace for his (or her) own training. The practice of JSD is intended to traverse and integrate with one's entire life, not just cross one's path for a few months or even years. Given this, significant encouragement in how to inspire yourself and how to let others inspire you is a central component of JSD instruction. If, in the final analysis, your practice is directed mostly by others (and not by your own internal drives and motivations [including the Voice of God in your heart]), the benefits you experience from your training will be limited. If, however, you learn to tap into your own internal wells of inspiration, the benefits will be nothing short of revolutionary. I write this from personal experience.

As you surmount obstacles (and there will be many) and cross milestones (again, there will be many), something inside you will rise up and say, "I did this!" The internal value derived from such experiences and feelings cannot be underestimated. While I'm most definitely interested in you succeeding in life and becoming the absolute best you that you can be, I want you to walk away from each challenge you face with the feeling, "I did this! I, and I alone, did this. No one else did it for me." In life, there's often no greater feeling than that.

Given that I have no desire whatsoever to rob anyone (especially those who train with me directly) of such feelings and experiences, I place the pace of your training in your hands. While there may be many along the way (and I hope and pray there are), who come alongside you in selflessness to help you achieve your goals, it will be you—and no one else—who achieves those goals for you. Living a life freed from fear is something you must pursue. No one else can do it for you. Not even God. Yes, He wants to partner with you, but He'll never do what He's given you the ability to do for yourself. This is about learning to take responsibility for your life and its outcomes. The responsible person is largely freed of fear; the irresponsible person knows almost nothing but fear. Which of the two would you like to be?


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