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Defending Oneself Against Time and Age

For the most part, I like getting older. The older I get the happier, more patient, and more secure I feel. Also, with greater life experience comes greater wisdom. I define wisdom as "The acquisition of godly skills for living in harmony with natural and Divine laws (see Note 1)."

There's a downside to growing older, though...

Physical decline.

But, we can defend ourselves against that. Here's a list of a dozen strategies I implement daily:

  1. I move A LOT.

  2. I eat really, really well.

  3. I drink A LOT of water.

  4. I get at least seven hours of sleep a night.

  5. I spend the day abiding (see Note 2) in God through prayer, meditation, and mindful presence.

  6. I write to capture my thoughts, feelings, impressions, and insights (similar to what I'm doing right now).

  7. I spend time every day with those I love, and I tell them how much they mean to me in my life.

  8. I look for opportunities each day to empty myself into those around me.

  9. I listen to music that inspires me (mostly choral, Gregorian chant, classical, and ambient).

  10. I read something good every day.

  11. I sit with what I'm feeling and don't run from it. This includes feelings of sorrow and anxiety as well as gratefulness and wonder.

  12. I chose to forgive each person I encounter long before he (or she) acts, doesn't act, speaks, or doesn't speak. My desire is to one day become lovingkindness, and, as such, to become completely and totally unoffendable. I can hardly think of a better self-defense move than to bless someone kindly when he (or she) does or says something hurtful, even when done or said maliciously.


  1. The top three life skills I'm working on are as follows: (1) To hate all evil; (2) To walk humbly in God's ways; and (3) To trust in His unfailing love.

  2. To abide: to yoke myself to; to affix (or tie) myself to; to fix my being upon; to conform to; to yield in surrender to; to wait upon; to merge with.

God's peace to all of you...



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