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Jeremiah 30:17 Meditation

Text (Je 30:17, NIV):

"'But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,' declares the LORD.”

Amplified Rendering:

But I, Yahweh—the Name of Everlasting Existence, will lift you up and bring you to complete health, soundness, and wholeness. As Yahweh-rophi—the Lord Your Healer (see Note 1), I will stitch-up your many wounds and mend you completely of the carnage inflicted to both your material and immaterial parts.

It is finished (see Note 2), my child. Already done! All that remains is for the germ of my Son's finished work to effect in your personhood that which He accomplished for you on the cross at Calvary. His Blood, shed for you, assures this (see Note 3)!

This is My Word—my creating and recreating Word, spoken over you and to you; it's also that which My Spirit is quickening (see Note 4) within you. Trust me, and cling steadfastly to all I've said, for it will come to pass.

Prayer of Consecration:

Holy Father...

I look to You, O God, to do for me what I cannot do for myself. You know the infirmities that plague me; You know, too, the injuries and wounds I've sustained throughout my life—especially recently. Please come and restore me to health, cleanse me of any infected conditions, bring to life that which is dead, and stitch-up (cover with flesh [see Note 5]) the open wounds—those I know of, and those I don't.

In this moment, O God, I turn from fear to You (see Note 6), and I surrender my life to You and to Your care and lovingkindness. I know that Your love for me is perfect (see Note 7) and that the Blood of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, will never fail me (see Note 8).

In the Name of Jesus, I ask and declare these things...



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  4. Quicken: to bring to life; to animate; to breathe life into; to manifest.

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