Isaiah 26:3 Meditation

Text (Is 26:3, NIV):

"You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you."

Amplified Rendering:

You, O Sovereign Lord and Supreme Master of Forces, guard closely those who've surrendered their lives to Your care. In yielding to Your Divine shaping and everlasting purposes(1), they've become like workable clay in the skilled Hands of the Master Potter(2).

They're protected, too, for nothing can touch them without Your noticing or permitting it(3). Furthermore, they've been imbued by You with an extraordinary happiness and life-congruency that far exceeds anything that can be produced in the natural. This is because they're living according to Your Divine rule and intentions and have made You their Refuge and Fortress(4). Even when difficulties do come, You've hidden them so deeply within You(5) no real harm can befall them.

As You've promised, You're with them(6)—always. Even more, You're living in them(7) and working through them(8) to bless the world, accomplish Your grand purposes in creation, and inflame in them (and those they touch) a passionate delight in You(9).

This, O God, is shalom-shalom(10)—perfect, overflowing, never ending shalom; it is the way we were created to live...from the very beginning.

Consecrating Prayer:

Holy Father…

I lay the entirety of my life in Your most capable Hands. Mold me and make me into the vessel You dreamt of long before the foundations of the earth were laid. To become (and be!) who I was (and still am) in Your Divine imagination(11) will be my joy, and it will give me a strength(12) and steadfastness beyond imagination. I trust You with my life, Lord. I'm Yours; expend me as You please.

In the Name of Jesus, I ask these things…



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