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Trigger: [Noun] A small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, such as a gun. [Verb] Cause (an event or situation) to happen or exist.

In life, there are many triggers. Some are physical; some are mental. The triggers I want to write about today are those that ignite one's will to live during a life-threatening situation. While everyone's triggers are different, we all have them. Do you know what yours are?

Think carefully about this.

To help you in this, take some time to ask and answer the following questions:

If your life were to be taken from you today...

  1. Who would be most affected long-term?

  2. What of your life-dreams would die with you?

  3. What regrets would you take with you to the grave?

Asking and answering these questions can help you get in touch with those things that just might inspire you to dig deep enough to not give up when faced with a life-threatening or life-altering event. We all need such triggers. They inspire us to tap into our will to fight, survive, press on, and live to see another day... we can be with that loved one (our spouse, our two-year old special-needs daughter, etc.). ["Trigger Answer" to Question 1] we can pursue that life-dream (starting a family, becoming a missionary, writing a book, creating a service-oriented organization that truly benefits others, etc.). ["Trigger Answer" to Question 2.] we can begin to live without regrets (by making amends with an estranged love-one, by giving our hearts away completely to God Almighty, etc.). ["Trigger Answer" to Question 3.]

Work to identify your triggers, create a vivid mental picture of them (or it; yes, it's okay to focus on just one), and remind yourself of them often. When you feel down, use them to lift your spirits. And if you're ever confronted with a life-threatening situation or emergency, let it trigger your will and grit to survive. Statistics prove that, when faced with something catastrophic, those who want to triumph ( and "see" themselves doing so) tend to fare far better than those who freeze or give-up. So much in life is dependent on (or affected by) the attitudes we're carrying in our hearts and minds right now. Let this work on discovering your triggers begin to shape your present attitudes. As I'm oft to say, "Right now is all you have; there really is nothing else, so make the most of what you have: right here, right now."

Peace to you, friends...


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