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The First Thing You Should Do


When under attack, the first thing you should do is move. Never stand still or stay right where you are. Even if, ultimately, you chose to hide, always move first. Train this back into your psyche: MOVE; NEVER STAND STILL.

If you hear gun fire, MOVE: Hit the deck.

If someone advances aggressively toward you (and you sense it), MOVE: Run (either right at him or as far from him as you can).

If someone grabs you, MOVE: Flail about violently (like a series of multiple explosions).

Train to be able to respond in such ways. Whatever you chose to do ultimately, when violence against you begins (or you sense it getting ready to start), MOVE. Don't stay where you are. Statistics indicate that those who move have a far greater likelihood of surviving a deadly attack (or a dangerous occurrence, like an earthquake, tornado, or run-away vehicle) than those who stay right where they are.

Move. Let loose your instincts to move. Culture has a way of dulling our instincts. "This can't be happening to me," we tell ourselves. But if something really is happening, then what we're telling ourselves is a lie, and it's hindering our God-given, instinctual responses. It's interesting, but no other animal on the planet engages in such introspective arguments in the presence of a predator (or, perhaps, even another animal). Instinct kicks in (always!). For example, no animal would ever get on an elevator with a predator (or even just an animal it doesn't know or is unfamiliar with). Why would you? Or do so by yourself? I can't overemphasize this: Train to move (or, if you're already moving, to change direction or even turn and stop to let someone go on by or get on an elevator without you). When the internal warning bells sound-off, don't argue with them. Move!


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