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Mindful Living, Mindful Training

The brain is an incredible tool; unfortunately, it can be an incredible stumbling block as well. For the next few moments, I'd like to write about two words: Mindfulness and Mindlessness.

As you think of these two words, I'd like to suggest thinking of them in the following manner:

Mindful: A mind filling itself with the here and now.

Mindless: A mind dwindling (or emptying) itself of the here and now.

A mindful individual is in the here and now of his (or her) present physical existence. A mindless person isn't. The mindless man operates on autopilot. With a mind full of regrets (from the past) and fears (over the future), he stumbles from one activity to another without really paying attention to where he is or what he's doing. Rarely, is he grounded sensibly (and selflessly) in the here and now of biological life on planet earth.

The mindful person is devoted 100% to his current experience. In a sense (and no pun intended), he's out of his mind because he's come to his senses. The mindless man rarely knows what he's thinking or feeling (or why); often his mind is off wandering aimlessly in a far-off country, thousands of miles and years from the here and now of his current experience. This happens to us all on occasion; to some, it happens A LOT more than just occasionally. How does it sit with you to know brain surgeons, commercial airline pilots, and school bus drivers often behave mindlessly while performing their assigned tasks? Stuff like that can feel pretty scary at times. Especially, when you've just been handed a consent form prior to being put under a surgeon's knife.

While a mindful person lives in the here and now, he's able also to recall past events and visualize the future. The difference between him and a mindless individual is that he does these things rooted and grounded in his physical senses; the mindless person rarely does.

Fact: Yesterday doesn't exist; neither does tomorrow. In truth, the only thing that exists is right now. It's all we have; there really is nothing else! Can you image living now while trying to manage some other time and space as well? It's a ridiculous notion, but we try to do it all the time, don't we? No wonder we suffer so much from stress and anxiety . Again, all you you have is right now. Know this; internalize it; live it; and, in doing so, start connecting more regularly with the sensible wisdom of your body. You'll be much happier. I write of this from personal experience.

Peace to you, friends...


This is the day [the MOMENT!] the LORD has made; let's plumb its depths and discover the joy and gladness inherent to it.—Adapted from Ps 118:24


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