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A Word from God

This is what I believe I heard from God this morning (Saturday, 9 Feb 19, 0615-0630):

O Dave, My son…

I AM your healer, and I AM your healing. Not only do I heal, but I AM the healing you seek.

I AM healing you, but your complete healing will still be a little way off.

There's much I want to do in your heart through this season. And there's still much healing I wish to bring about through the situation you're in right now. I'm using this time to bring about some wonderful things in your heart. I'm doing this to prepare you for what I have for you in the future. This will enable you to venture forth joyfully, strengthened, and unhindered. No longer weighed down by the hurts and memories that have held you back in the past.

In the future, I will use you in ways a little different from the ways I've used you previously. While you'll still do many of the same things you've done in the past, there will be new things for you to do (and that you WILL do) that I will bless you in.

I love you very much, and I'm so very proud of you. Hang in there, and trust Me in this, okay? I know you want the manifestation of your complete healing now, but that's not My plan for you. You will suffer a little while longer through this, but know that it won't be too much longer, that I'm with you, and that I'll be in and with you through all aspects of it. You will have complete healing. In fact, if you can stick with Me in this, you'll be better than you were before—not just in your heart, but physically.

Trust me in this. Surrender…stay the course…and trust My tempering and tendering processes.

Embrace this time of healing, and allow Me to bring about in you something really grand. You haven't missed out on what I have for you. And you won't miss out on what I have for you in the future. Your future will be grand. You will look back on this time and find great comfort and joy in how I was with you through it all. You will also glory in the new you I've renovated, empowered, and anointed you to be.

Don't give up on Me. I have you. You're in the Palms of My Hands, and nothing will touch you without My allowing it.

Your healing is coming—soon, but not quite yet. As I've said, there's still a work I wish to do in your heart. There's an infection there I need to clear out and heal you of. You will understand and see these things soon. Fight for your healing, but yield to Me. Your healing, both internally and externally, is coming. Sometimes these things just take time. For Me to rush things would, in a sense, short-circuit My specific processes for you in your life.

Trust Me in these things, O My son. Trust Me for your future. Not just your future in the life to come, but also in this present life. For it will be glorious. Of this very thing, I promise you. Cling to Me, Dave, and cling to these Words I have for you. For they come from my Heart, and they are meant for you. Meant to encourage you; give you additional perspective; and enable you to surrender, stay the course, and trust My tempering and tendering processes in your life.

Many will be touched by you. Many lives will be healed and changed through you and how I use you to come alongside those I bring you.

Trust me in this, and don't let these Words go. Write them down, read them often, and share them with those you love. Remember what I've done for you in the past, and remember what I've told you this day.

I love you, son. You're mine, I'm yours, and we will live this way together inextricably—forever, and ever, and ever...

Soon, "your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear!(1)"

Know this, My son. Know all these things...

Your Heavenly Dad

Hk 3:19 (NIV): "The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread upon the heights."

3Jn 2 (KJV): "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."


  1. See Is 58:8.


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