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A Word from God, Part III: Never Was There a Moment...

This is what I believe I heard from God this morning (15 Feb 19, 0345-0350):

Never was there a moment, through all of this, when My Hands were not on you or the situation you've been in, Dave. My Hands have been all over it. All over it. And that's not going to change. Your healing is coming. This I promise you.

The path ahead, has now been charted. I will anoint my servant, Karl, with the wisdom and skill to see it and walk in it. The surgery will be successful. Extremely so. The body-offending sutures will be removed, your leg will be thoroughly cleansed, and all the openings will be closed up permanently. Have no fear, O dear one. What I close up, no one will be able to open. This I promise you.

This is you, I'm talking about, Dave. You: "My Beloved." My love for you is so far above and beyond anything you could ever ask for or even imagine. I will use my servant to serve you and My Divine purposes for you.

You will be well, soon, My son. Cling to these Words, and continue to surrender to Me. Stay Me, Julie, your family, and your friends. Stay open. I love you, My son. You will be well. Soon!

Your Heavenly Dad


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