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A Word from God, Part V: A Shift

Provided below is a word(1) I received recently from a dear brother.

I know you're steaming from the fire of battle. May the Lord repair and even refashion pieces of the armor given you. An upgrade in your ability and a double portion of the Spirit is being given you. Room is being made, and a season shift is coming. You are loved, anointed, and trusted, and Your Father is incredibly proud of you. Continue up the mountain; there's a divine meeting waiting for you.

"The storyline of your life shifts at the confession of Jesus as King."—Scott Leib


  1. During this particularly difficult season, I'm doing my best to faithfully document the many Words from God I believe I've been receiving. Some come directly; some through others. I cling to God's Words, my friends. While I may eat food, drink water, and breathe air, I LIVE on God's Word. His Words are always a comfort to me, even if what He says is NOT what I want to hear in the moment. They're also instructional, inspiring, and 100% true. God's Words are the Words of life; to where else can I go? NOWHERE.


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