The First Thing I Do...(Upon Waking)

A while back, I read a piece on Linkedin, which looked at the first things seven high-achievers do when they get up in the morning.

After reading the article the first time, it was hard for me to remember anything distinctive about what each person did. The reason? Well, because the things each person said they did sounded so...normal. Like what I think many people might do on a normal morning.

While reading the article again, I tried to keep better track of what each person said. Here's a little of what was shared:

"I let the dogs out."

"I read."

"I try not to check email (but I usually do it anyway)."

"I avoid checking my email by looking at Instagram instead. Instagram is a happy place."

"In theory I...[the person then went on to say what he wished he did when he first got up, only to then say what he usually (or normally) does]."

Don't the above all feel like very "normal" things.

How about you? What's your normal upon waking?

Here's my normal (and I call it my normal because I've been doing it every morning for more than 34 years): I engage in Morning Prayer by praying through an expanded version of The Our Father. It usually takes me about an hour and a half to complete the prayer along with all its meditations and times of listening (my favorite parts!). That's my normal.

The effects of the above have been nothing but revolutionary.

Each day, as I engage in Morning Prayer, my heart settles in to the cradle of God's Hands, and I remember once again the two truths foundational to every aspect of my life:

  1. I am God's son, His "Beloved."

  2. I move the Heart of my Creator just by being with Him and letting Him love me the way He wants.

In the final analysis...(and come what may)...I have it made. May this be my normal—forever and always, over and over again.

So, what can we draw from the above? I think it seems fairly simple: Establish a routine for yourself. Something normal. Something enjoyable that helps you wake up in the morning and spurs you to give thanks to God for the day He's given you.

Peace to you, friends...



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