SOS Journal Entry - 3 March 19

This morning, I believe I heard God speak to me the following things:

My dear son, Dave...

I'm eradicating the infection. This is NOT something you need to be worried about. I will protect your body from the delivery system and from the medicine it delivers. I will instruct you in what you're to eat and drink and how you're to be so as to participate directly in the bringing about of these protective and eradicative results. Remember your response to Me yesterday ("I love you, Lord. I accept it. I accept it all!")? Continue in that. BTW...that was the exact response I desired from you, and it touched My Heart. Continue in it, My son! For great things await you. In fact, great things are happening RIGHT NOW!

I am knitting your leg back together. Through My servant, I removed the original cause of your healing complications as well as much of the collateral results. This, along with the eradication of the infection, will remove the hindrances to your body healing. I designed you to move toward health (always!), in both mind (the immaterial parts of you) and body (the material parts of you).

The sin in you, including the burdening guilt and consequences of your sinful actions, pushes you toward Me. Yes, "a part of you" wishes to run from My light, but that's not really you; that's just the false self within you, which was fabricated by the sin in you. You are not your false self. You are not your sin. You are Mine—My dear son. And, through My grace, mercy, and compassion, I use the sin in you to drive you to Me. I designed this responsiveness and placed it within you. Through My grace, I enable you to see yourself progressively separated from the sin in you, and this drives you to Me to find the increased freedom and healing you need. This is the natural migration toward healing I placed within you.

In drawing closer to Me, and allowing me to cleanse and sanctify you, your mind "naturally and organically" moves toward greater and greater health as it yokes itself to me in greater and greater measure.

I still perform miracles; the final results, though, are usually not instantaneous. This migration toward health, which I placed within you, is an unfolding miracle (or set of miracles); and it's fueled by My Spirit of grace (who's alive in you) and My blessings upon you. The Divine healing unfolding within you is the direct result of the original stamping of My Divine Image within you and your redeemed participation in (and eucharistic partaking of) My Son's Divine Nature. When My Son walked the earth, His zeal for My temple consumed Him. Well, it still does. And it consumes Me, too! The temple is My Son's Body; it's also the individual and discrete members of that Body. You, My son, are a member; and, as such, you are My temple. By logic, then, my zeal for you—for your wholeness and completeness in Me—consumes Me.

Know these things, My son. All these things. Marinate in them.

Your Heavenly Dad


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