SOS Journal Entry - 7 March 19

This morning, my humanity floated to the surface. I awoke feeling a little anxious: Anxious about my leg and the surgical incisions; anxious about the MRSA infection coursing through my leg and body; anxious about the multiple medical appointments I have next week.

In my anxiety, I cried to the Lord for comfort, and He answered me very simply and tenderly...

Dave...I'm here, and I'm healing you. My Name is Yahweh-rophe. I AM your healer; I AM your healing. Praise and thank Me for healing you: For closing up your leg (because what I shut and what I close up, no one or no thing will be able to open), and for eradicating the infection. I've removed the hindrances to your healing. Just praise and thank Me.

And so I did, so I am right now, and so I'm to go now and do so some more. CU...


The Life You Were Born to Live