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SOS Journal Entry - 12 March 19

I have some great news to share:

This morning, I met with my surgeon. He and the nurse took off my splint, looked at my incisions, and said, "Oh...those look great!" My surgeon then went on to say, "'re definitely on the mend."

I was so relieved. To know my body is indeed healing—to have the medical confirmation—feels really, really good.

I went to my appointment feeling very nervous; I left feeling very grateful. To celebrate, I went to Whole Foods and had brunch.

Speaking of my nervousness...

Last night, knowing I had this BIG appointment the next morning, I felt really, really nervous. God, though, in His graciousness said something to the effect of the following: It's okay to be nervous, Dave. I understand. This is all very important to you. Did you know it's even more important to Me? The appointment's going to go great, Dave. Tomorrow will be a day of great celebration and rejoicing.

And so it was (a great appointment), and so it has been (a day of great celebration and rejoicing).

Yesterday, prompted by my Mom, I went back through and read all the "words" I believe God gave me over the last several weeks. And it was very interesting to note how many of the things God spoke to me have either occurred or are in the process of occurring exactly as He said they would. This is a part of God's great grace to me during what has been the most difficult season (or semester) of my life. Praise His Name!

I'm now in a soft cast and have a follow-up with the surgeon in two weeks. And, yes, I'm still celebrating and rejoicing!


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