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SOS Journal Entry - 19 Mach 19

This morning, I awoke feeling a little anxious about next week. (Hey, I'm human just like everyone else.) Next Tuesday, I get my cast off; and next Tuesday night, I finish up the 2-hr morning and night antibiotic infusions. I awoke this morning having visions of more open (and unhealed) ulcers in my leg, of not being healed, etc., etc., etc.

I believe those thoughts and images were impressed upon my mind by the enemy. As such, I reject them outright. May they be cast into the Hands of Jesus, never to bother, bully, or plague me again.

This morning, as I lay on my couch, soaking in the love of God, I heard God speak into my soul. This is what I believe He said:

Nothing but healing, Dave. Nothing but healing. That's all you're experiencing now; that's all you'll experience in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. There will be no ulcers, and there will be no more infection. Like a "nothing but net" swish in basketball, I'm giving you "nothing but healing." I want you to hold that "nothing but net" image in your mind. Let it visually represent My "nothing but healing" processes in your life.

Amen, Father. I receive Your Words to me.


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