SOS Journal Entry - 23 March 19

Yesterday morning, I awoke feeling a little discouraged about my financial situation. The medical bills continue to pile up, and I had just learned the previous day that both my claims with Christian Healthcare Ministries are on-hold due to CHM requiring more detailed accounting of exact procedures performed at each appointment (or surgery) provided by the eight different medical providers I've been going to. CHM also wants additional information regarding the prescriptions I've been taking (off and on) over the last seven months. This all felt so very discouraging (and a little angering), and it was making me feel like this could all just go on for years.

Such thoughts, though, are a lie of the enemy. I know this. A big lie he tries often to get me to believe is this: Things will never change, Dave. What you're going through will never change. You will suffer through these things for the rest of your life. I've decided to reject all those thoughts.

Needless to say (or write), yesterday morning, I needed to hear from my Father. As I laid down on my couch to soak in His loving-kindness, I felt Him (almost forcefully) speak the following Words into my heart:


We're in this together. I will help you acquire the information you need. I will give you favor with all the providers, and I will give you favor with CHM. It will all be resolved—and much sooner than you think.

I'm going to bless you financially, Dave, more than I ever have before. I'm going to give you lots of ideas and opportunities to generate the resources you need to accomplish the things I've purposed in My Heart and yours for you to do. Don't worry about a thing. Together, we'll accomplish it all.


The Life You Were Born to Live