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SOS Journal Entry - 25 March 19

Early yesterday morning, as I was soaking in God's love, I believe I heard Him speak into my soul the following words: Dave...Tuesday will be a day of declarations. Declarations of your healing. Confirmations of what you've already begun to feel within your own body.

Later, as I was conversing back and forth with God, I said something to the effect of "Well, Lord, in 48 hours, I guess we'll see how I'm doing." To which I believe He said (and rather forcefully), No, Dave, in 48 hours, you'll hear a declaration. A declaration of your healing.

Later still, when I was up front for prayer after church, one of the prayer ministers prayed something to the effect that there'll be a "a declaring" of my healing this week.

Yes, I'm nervous about tomorrow. My surgeon will remove the soft cast, which I've been wearing for the past two weeks, and give my leg a look. I'm not sure what will happen at that point as he may put me back in the boot or he may let me leave the office wearing just shoes again. Whatever the course, I'm surrendered to the process. I believe I'm healed, and I believe I'll be released to physical therapy soon. Quite honestly, I can hardly wait.

Tomorrow night, I finish out the last of the antibiotic infusions, which I've been giving myself every morning and every night for the past 28 days. On Wednesday morning, the infectious disease doctor will pull out the antibiotic pick line.

Needless to write, the next couple of days will be quite eventful. I've placed my life and future in the Hands of Almighty God. He's been doing a good and great work; and He won't stop until He's completed what He purposed in His Heart to do.

God bless...


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