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SOS Journal Entry - 27 March 19


I have really, really good news!

I'm healed! (I'm still letting it sink in.)

My appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday morning went fabulous. He took off the soft cast, gave everything a look, and said my leg looked great. He put me back in the boot, on limited weight (with crutches), for two weeks. I've also been tasked with changing out my surgical wound dressing every other day. Further, I can now take showers again (which I've not been able to do in months). I'm hoping in two weeks, I walk out of his office wearing my running shoes and carrying my prescription for PT.

Tuesday night, I finished my last antibiotic infusion (28 days, morning and night, for two hours each time). And yesterday morning, I met with my infectious diseases doctor. She removed my dressing, looked at my leg, and said, "That looks fantastic." She then went on to say that any additional antibiotic "would be overkill." As such, the MRSA has been eradicated. After my meeting with her, a nurse came in and removed the pick line.

I'm so VERY grateful for all this. And I'm so VERY grateful for everyone who's been praying for me. It's been a very LONG seven months. To quote one of the nurses from Tuesday morning, "I think we're out of the blue on this!"

Praise and great thanks to my Healer, the Lord Jesus Christ!

May God bless you all!



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