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SOS Journal Entry - 08 Apr 19

Yesterday (07 Apr 19), I "celebrated" the seven-month anniversary of my accident on the warped wall, where I tore my Achilles tendon.

This morning, during my appointment with my surgeon, my doctor took me out of my boot and released me into physical therapy. While I'm approaching things cautiously, I'm so very grateful for this moment. I'm healed, and I can now "officially" begin my rehabilitation. This after probably the seven most grueling months of my life.

To all of you who've prayed for and encouraged me through out this very long journey: THANK YOU!!

And to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: THANK YOU!! Thank You for loving me, for dying for me, and for healing me. With Your Divine help, O God, I will not waste the time and health You've given me. I will, as I know I've been called, devote myself to...

Prayer, intercession, and worship;

Telling others of Your goodness to me; and

Fathering those You give me.



The Life You Were Born to Live

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