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Martial Arts Practice

Training should always begin with the body.

Through physical training, we attune to our senses and learn how to move in more healthy, sustainable ways. From there, we learn to move often and progress to moving as often and in as many ways as we can.

The practice of martial arts is first and foremost a practice of expressing the human body. While all martial arts are stylized in combat forms, they are, nonetheless, rooted in the ancient arts of moving and blending healthily with nature—one's own as well as that in which all life exists, grows, struggles, gathers resources, plays, and thrives. Everyone, even the elderly, can benefit from martial arts practice. In Jiin Senshi Do (JSD), we take a balanced, organic approach to martial arts practice.

God bless!


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IKIGAI Weekly Blog Schedule (per The Training Trinity):

Mondays: Meditative Prayer

Wednesdays: Holistic Discipline

Fridays: Martial Arts Practice


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