Romans 8:17 Meditation

Text (Ro 8:17, NIV):

"Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory."

Amplified Rendering:

If we're God's offspring—His adopted sons and daughters, we share in the blessedness of Divine union with Him. This we share uniquely with our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Through Him and in Him and with Him, we have union with God(1); and, with such union, the blessedness of becoming more and more like Him(2). Dear friends, all Jesus has, He shares with us as our Divine inheritance: Intimate and Divine yoking to Almighty God and the royal kinship, power and authority(3), and transformation of being(4) such yoking creates.

As children of the One who's hated so intensely by the darkness, it's impossible for us to not absorb some of the force of that hatred(5). But take heart: Because we're shunned, misunderstood, even hated, we know we're God's children(7). Our hearts have been settled; and, in that settledness, we now remind the dark angels of God Himself. For that, the forces of hell hate us just that much more. It's a hatred fueled not just by the FACT we're an element the enemy can attack in an attempt to hurt God, but also by the FACT we're becoming (in each moment) a little more like Jesus in His humanity, and the enemy hates it. In fact, they're terrified of it. For us to know who God is and who we are in Him is the one thing the enemy can neither tolerate nor accept.

As God's children, we experience what God experiences: We share His joys; we share His sorrows. Paradoxically, His joy enables us to endure the hardships of life; and, likewise, the sorrows we experience further undergird and bolster our joy(7). Metaphorically, it's similar to the way the snowy, frigidness of winter makes the warmth of a steaming cup of hot chocolate just that much more comforting and satisfying. This is what it means to let our sorrows energize our joy.

There will come a day, dear friends, when sorrow will be abolished(8) and our dignity as God's offspring will be completely restored. In that day, as the Prophet writes, we'll clothe ourselves fully in the Unlimited Strength and Magnificent Splendor of Almighty God(9). What a day that will be!

Consecrating Prayer:

Holy Father...

May the sorrow I feel inspire my deeper joy in You. May I know, too, that the hatred the enemy expresses toward me confirms I'm Yours.

In the Name of Jesus, I ask these things...



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