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Movement Ecology, Part IX

Movement Ecology: The A to Z study of human locomotion.

Stack your current promises to yourself on those you've made and delivered upon previously. It's a great way to keep the momentum of life-change going. It's also a fabulous way to build a small mountain of integrity within your soul.

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Desire greater intimacy with God? Even Divine Union with Him?

Looking for a modern resource to help reacquaint you with ancient forms of prayer and life-devotion?

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Deconstructed, integrity is really just the realistic opinion you have of yourself. Make promises, deliver on them, and continue to stack one delivered-on-promise on top of another delivered-on -promise. This is how mastery is achieved and how greatness is discovered—not just in movement, but in every arena of life.

Click on the link below to watch a five minute video on growth, change, and making and keeping promises to yourself. In my former life, I did some training with Funker Tactical and Fit to Fight; I really love these guys.



Don’t bother asking, “What next?” Ask, "What now?” This moment is yours…but will soon be gone. Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the growth. Embrace THIS moment. Pick your fights, and own THIS day.

—Ryan Hoover, Fit to Fight, Charlotte, NC


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