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Aiming Past the Target

Everyone on earth wants something. Everyone.

Of the many things every person wants, the one that tops (or sits near the top of) most lists is self-transcendence: the desire to transcend who we are currently for the person we long to be...

...for the person we were created to be.

Much the way an acorn "wants" to be an oak tree, we each want to be the person we were created to be. This is the transformation of being we all want.

The concept of "aiming past the target" takes all the above into consideration.

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To aim past the target is to look not just at what you want (in terms of a specific goal you've set for yourself), but to look past that goal to the change of being you hope to experience in working toward and achieving that goal. Aiming for self-transcendence is the goal beyond the goal. Ultimately, it's the irreducible "why" that drives all achievement—from losing fifteen pounds to learning to speak Spanish to getting married.

Keep these things in mind, my friends; aim past your temporal targets (which are absolutely necessary), and hone in on the transformation you want so much.



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