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Diet is important. EXTREMELY so. Along with water, air, and sunlight, "real" food is fuel. It's also medicine.

While I, primarily, eat a raw, plant-based diet, I don't call myself a vegan. The reason? Because, occasionally, I enjoy eating cooked foods as well as fish, turkey, and eggs. But only occasionally. It's probably been a month or more since I've eaten fish; it's probably been two months since I've eaten eggs or turkey.

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In eating a primarily pant-based diet, I've discovered something revolutionary: SPROUTS (primarily broccoli, sunflower, and bean sprouts). Sprouts are "living foods," and they are EXTREMELY nutritious. For example, broccoli, in and of itself, is considered a "superfood." It's been estimated broccoli sprouts are nearly 100x as nutritious as "adult" varieties.

Depending on the week, sprouts make up about 30-40% (by bulk) of my diet. Want to eat less and yet be (and feel) more nourished? Add sprouts to your diet. Be careful, though. Make sure their organic; and make sure they're fresh, for sprouts, like most superfoods, have a short shelf-life.


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