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The One Rule You Must Follow

To get what you want (and what you really, really need), there's only one rule you must follow (and do so day-in and day-out): the rule that says, "Success is achieved by doing what you don't feel like doing."

When my alarm goes off at 3am in the morning, what do you think I "feel" like doing?

Hitting the snooze button, of course!

But I don't do that. I get up.

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To get what I want, I get up, make my bed, and launch immediately into Morning Prayer and my Morning PT Regimen. And I don't stop until I'm done, which usually doesn't occur until close to 6am. For me, the above 3am choice I make to get up (even though I never feel like it) is the key. It will never not be the key.

I'll close with something I've been telling myself recently: the past, had you sought to do only that which you didn't feel like doing, you'd be light years ahead of where you are now. Change your future by doing what you don't feel like doing, and do so in every moment.


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