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The Human Body is a Target-rich Environment

The human body is more fragile than you think. Probably far more so.

And when it's injured, it behaves somatically (meaning, in fairly predictable, psycho-physical ways) to protect the injured part/s.

When training in strikes or grappling moves, it's best to train target-centrically. By that, I mean it's best to train in throwing specific techniques at very specific targets. The key is to approach things hierarchically in terms of the ability to render a human attacker unable to continue with his original plan or chase you down should you evade or escape his(1) initial assault.

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First, target the sensory systems: Primarily, the eyes and ears (sides of the head).

By targeting the eyes, you remove your attacker's number one sense. If he cannot see, he cannot fight (unless he's trained as a blind person [which is possible]).

Or chase after you.

By targeting the ears, you affect not just your attacker's ability to hear, but you attack his equilibrium and, quite possibly, his ability to think clearly (by creating concussion). If you've ruptured his ear drum or if he cannot balance himself or think clearly, he cannot fight or chase after you.

Second, target life-support systems: Primarily the windpipe in the throat and the carotid arteries in the sides of the neck.

By targeting the wind pipe, you eliminate your attacker's ability to breathe. If he cannot breathe, he cannot fight or chase after you.

By targeting the carotid arteries, you eliminate your attacker's ability to remain conscious. If he cannot stay conscious, he cannot fight or chase after you.

Third, target mobility-systems: Primarily the groin, thighs, knees, and insteps.

By targeting the groin, you eliminate your attacker's neurological ability to sit up, stand, or move efficiently (because you've neurologically overridden such abilities with a groin strike or grab). If he cannot sit up, stand, or move well, he cannot fight or chase after you.

By targeting one thigh (with, say, a Muay Thai round kick), you temporarily paralyze the leg (e.g., create a neurological response often termed "dead leg"). If he cannot remain standing, he cannot fight (unless you're already on the ground with him) or chase after you.

By targeting the knees or insteps, again, you render your attacker unable to stand or move well. And, as I've written above, if he cannot stand, walk, or run, he cannot fight or chase after you.

The above is a bare-boned (read "not all-inclusive"), hierarchical approach to taking advantage of the human body's target-rich environment.

Train in such ways because the way you train is the way you'll fight.



  1. I use male pronouns because most attackers are male.


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