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Romans 8:24 Meditation

Text (Ro 8:24, NIV):

“For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?”

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Amplified Rendering:

We're delivered by hope.

We're rescued, healed, preserved, and protected by hope, and it's seen in the humility of emptying ourselves out (of anything that's not of us or of God) at God's Feet and of inviting God to empty Himself into us. Through this, God takes what doesn't belong (what we really don't want) and gives us what we've wanted (and been looking for) our whole lives: More of Him, and more of us found and hidden safely in Him. This emptying of ourselves, this progressive eradication of the false self (and all its destructively supporting structures), is intended to be both continuous and unseen; so also is God's emptying of Himself into us.

We also wait in hope.

We wait for what we'll surely experience one day when we're resurrected in glory. Then, we'll see God as He is, and we'll be (and see ourselves) as we truly are. On that day, the physical manifestation of our personhood will reflect wholly the Image and glory of God. Also on the day, we'll see ourselves, both individually and corporately, as Christ's Body and Bride without spot, stain, wrinkle, or blemish. If we saw everything now, the quality of our faith experience would not be one of hope, but rather that of pure realization—the complete fulfillment of hope. But, because such fullness has not yet been realized (and cannot so long as the corruptible remains), we "see" it now only as a promise of what will one day come. And so, with such hope, we wait expectantly for that glorious day! Oh what a day it will be, dear friends!

Consecrated Prayer:

Holy Father…

I see a little of what's ahead, and I'm so grateful for what You've promised us! Until then, I'll delight myself in You and wait upon all You've promised me.

In the Name of Jesus, I declare these things boldly...



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